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well i just got through the NWZX1060B - previously i had a A829. the OLED screen is v.nice indeed - viewable from even the acutest of angles. they've overhauled the menu system - which i guess was needed for the touch screen which seems to work v.well/just right.

frankly, i doubt i'm ever gonna use the browser/radio/youtube link and whilst i might get round to putting on a few vids. i use it just for music.

sound quality is good - but then i use Shure se530s - although can only put across WMA320. fact is, i've been very keen on Cowan for sometime, but never bought one 'cause they don't support playlists -- sure, if you know voodoo - maybe, it's possible - but frankly, all my music is in playlists on MediaMonkey - one of which has 180+ tracks so if Cowan are gonna be dumb enough to play in a market dominated by ipod, and not support playlists, then i'm gonna have to continue to buy Sony -- although the new Zune HD i was reading about earlier today looks v.interesting and will surely support WMAlossless...

anyway, codec support for vids. is improved over what it was - but far from impressive/great. music codec support is as limited as ever which is just super frustrating - Sony never have been that smart...

all in all i like it - although seems they're not producing a crystal case and no eye for strap - which i find v.handy on the A829 and others -- best not to drop these things!

anyho', i'll keep checking to see if Cowan ever wake up to playlists - but i might be using Zune by then...

Edit: hmm, turns out, i can hear a sound quality improvement on the X. All the same settings, no EQ, and the sound is actually cleaner and clearer - it's quite significant -- so i'm super happy!

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