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Default S9 UCI's, FAQ, and Tools

Hello and welcome to another Thread from User: Furr

This thread is a continuation of the D2's Thread HERE. I created this one as requested.

Disclaimer Notice:
-I am not the creator of these Applications or UCI (These are all collected from the Forum or via Site such as
-Please DO NOT Message me on how to create a UCI (I am not a Flash Developer)
-As requested some post here will be deleted without the user knowing.
-You may post suggestions and ask if anything should be changed
To User Uphaillife: i want to thank him for his work so far on his Thread he has. I just feel it's necessary to have a Full Pack filled with all the UCIs and such


UCI v.02
Quick Note: "Forgot Music UI Flow in Changelog"
-Contains the following Files

Aero Ultimate G2 UCI/Music UI "Built-in" Ha!
Asurada Style UCI V2 UCI/Music UI
black&white Music UI
Browser Lite v1.00 and Cube regular v.89 "Cube Browser but it's a Lighter Version without the G-Sensor option"
Claw's wallpaper UCI
curve UCI/Music UIs
Dark Evolution Music UI
dTouch UCI
Flow Music UI (Beta?)
element (Beta) UCI
Flux2 UCI
Freestyle (Beta) UCI
GLock Lock UI
Horizon (Beta) UCI
JetEffect Manger UI
Minimal UCI
Music Tab 2 Music UI
Paper UCI
Piano UCI
Vista (Beta) UCI "Not English! yet"
Windows Xp UCI "Not English! yet"
UCIs v.03
Quick Note: Contains all other files
UCI Minimal v1.2 Added
UCIs v.04
Quick Note: "Forgot Photogenic UCI in changelog"
Added a Introduction .Txt Document
UCI Flow v1.2 Added
UCI Black Jenga 2.0 Added
Browser Lite v1.1 Added "With of course the addition of Regular Browser v.89 File browser_total89"
Photogenic UCI Added
UCIs v.05
Quick Note: Contains all other files from v.02+
Removed Browser v.89 and Added latest v1.12
Renamed Folder "Dark Stage" to "Dark Evolution" Plus' Updated DE Version with Global Volume correction
Asurada Style Music UI v.4.4_20100306 Added
Aero VTX Lite (Beta) UCI v1.0 Added
Translucence Music UI Added
UCIs v.06
Quick Note: Contains all other files from v.02+
Minimal UCI v1.6 Added (Note: Yay! It's *Almost Perfect!)
Black Neon UCI v1.07 Added
gLock VTX Lite Lock v1.0 (Note: Located in the Aero VTX Folder under the RC1 Folder. Lock File Works with Beta version as well)
Flow UCI New UI Version Added
Dark Evolution Music UI Added Updated version (Lyric Corrections)
Aero VTX Open Lite RC1 UCI Added (Note: Aero VTX Lite Beta is still Here )
gLock Folder Removed (Note:Added Lock Files to their own UCI's such as DE and Aero VTX)
Browser v1.20 Added
UCIs v.07
Quick Note: Contains all other files from v.02+
Aero VTX Lite Final v1.00 PL2 UCI Added *Plus Added Fixed gLock Version for Open Lite
Minimal UCI v1.9 Added
Klaus's Browser Lite/Full v1.33 Added
UCIs v.08
Quick Note: Contains all other files from v.02+
Minimal UCI v1.9 D+ Added (Old Dark iCon Version)
Photogenic UCI v1.20 Added
UCIs v1.00a
Quick Note: Contains all other files from v.02+
J3 UIs updates Added By: scapz and *New Harry's J3 Version Modded!
Flux 2.51 UCI Update Added
Klaus's Picture Viewer UI Added
Whole Folder Structure changed!
New .txt Document! Please READ it!
UCIs v1.00
Quick Note: Contains all other files from v.02+
Windows 7 Phone UCI Added
Scrapz's J3 UIs Added Updated! "Settings, mainmenu1&2, Picture"
Harry's J3 UI Picture Added "may contain bugs?"
First Drips Music UI Added
iPod Touch Music UI Added
Music Tabs 1 and 3 Music UIs Added
Some corrections made here and there

*Please take NOTE that these Music UIs First Drips, iPod Touch, and Music Tabs 1&3 are old and contain a Pixel Image Album Art Bug (Poor image Quality *Pixels)
UCIs v1.01
Quick Note: Contains all other files from v.02+
S27 UCI Added
Asurada UCI Movie v1.12, Mainmenu v1.23 Added
Srcapz J3 UIs Updated!
Created Folder Lock for "Lock UIs"
UCIs v1.02
Quick Note: Contains all other files from v.02+
Simple Desire UCI Added
Puzzle 5 UCI Added
UCIs v1.03
Quick Note: Contains all other files from v.02+
All past Added UIs are up-to-date! and yes i didn't forget the J3 UI Files "Lol"
X7 UCI/Music UI Added
Zune Browser Added
Flow2 (Browser Replacement) Added with all Three Concepts (Concept3 being the Final Release!) *Concept1 my Fav.
H2o UCI Added
Klaus Launcher v0.5 (The one i have already is the older version which is still used by some users)
Aero VTX Basic and Pro UCI Versions Added
How do i install a Mainmenu UCI?
-To install a Mainmenu UCI "Mainmenu.swf File" just copy/paste in the FLASH UI Folder under System/Flash UI Folder

How do i uninstall or replace a Mainmenu UCI?
-To uninstall just simply remove/delete the File and to replace just simply Replace with another File

The UCI i tried to intsall doesn't work/show up on my S9 "Why?"
-Be sure the File is Titled mainmenu1 "2" or "3" and be sure the File is in the FLASH UI Folder

How do i install a Music UI?
-To install a Music UI just simply copy/paste the File into the FLASH UI Folder

Why isn't my Music UI showing up/working?
-Be sure the File is Titled music and be sure it's placed in the FLASH UI Folder

What if i don't want to use Claw's UCI? Are there maybe any UCIs that support his UCI in some way?
-Yes, UCI Mininal , Black Jenga 2.0, and Flux are just three of the UCIs that come off the top of my head (These UCIs support his Settings ONLY so yeah be sure to have the user_Settings File within the Flash UI Folder)

More Q&A'sto be done Later on
S9 16GB Chrome
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