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Default Switching to a new mp3 from iPod... maybe the j3?

Hi, so I currently have a 32gb iPod touch 4g and I want something with the highest sound quality possible as I will also be investing in some high end iems. My main focus is a music player although if videos work well on it then that is a bonus, I have a smartphone for the rest (internet, apps, etc.). I live in Victoria B.C. Canada and so my selection is kind of limited... but I do have access to a ncix store in Vancouver. I've been mainly looking at the cowon d3 but I've heard its slow, battery doesn't even last its rated 20+ hours and that the physical buttons don't work while the screen is off, making them pointless as I would like physical buttons so that I can skip songs while the mp3 is in my pocket. I've also been looking at the zune hd(don't think I can get this anymore), sony walkmans (the a series mainly), cowon j3 and archos players. Also I have all my songs on my macbook and I'd like to keep it that way. I've heard sony walkmans don't work too well with macbooks... As for my budget, I'm not too worried about that as I'd rather invest big into a device that I'm going to stick with for a long time as opposed to continually buying cheap ones that die and/or I choose to replace. So what I'm mainly looking for is:

- best sound quality possible
- physical buttons (volume up/down, track fwd/back, play/pause)
- storage capacity for all my songs 16gb+
- battery that is at least going to last me an entire day (20 - 24+ hours)
- compatibility with my macbook
- available without having to buy online if possible...
- touch screen (least of my worries, if it has everything else I'm fine with that)

Also any recommendations for iems would be nice, I'm currently looking at monster turbine coppers and golds. Thanks

After doing a lot more researching and talking to my buddy who has a j3 I think I'm probably gonna go down that road. Is that a good choice or is there something better to suit my needs? I've heard that the j3 doesn't work too well with macs? Also I bought some monster turbine pro golds yesterday. Love em.

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