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Old 02-14-2009, 08:52 PM
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I've used the screensavers on various devices for years with no problem at all. They have the advantage that you have a couple of minutes after you put it on the screen to move it into perfect position. They also are easy to lay down without bubbles or dust if you're reasonably careful. I've never had a bubble and I got dust under the first one I ever used. I redid that one and all the rest have been just fine.

If you do get dust you can lift it off in the first minute or two, rinse it off and lay it down again.

The downside of these is that you do have to put a drop of water on it so you have to be careful not to get water in the player. I've never found that difficult. There's only a drop of water and it's pretty easy to control it. However, that might scare some people off. I almost didn't buy it because of this, initially.

I'd say offhand that I've been using them for more than 5 years and the first player I used it on, a Sandisk SDMX1, is still unscratched and the screen saver is still perfect.

They're supposedly easy to remove later on but I've never had any reason to try that.

I don't buy the ones to fit the player. I buy their large one and cut it to shape myself. I first cut a template of hard clear plastic from some package or other and trim it till it's just right. Then I cut a screensaver to that size and it fits. Easy enough.

However, I didn't put screen on all my players, or on my Palm, and about a year ago I began to realize that the players without screen savers have done as well as those with them. I've never scratched a screen yet on the Palm or any player. I've been using Palms for about 10 years. Maybe 15. I'm not sure.

So in the past year I haven't used screen savers on anything unless I think I'm going to carry it in my pocket. I have a screensaver on one of my D2's and not the other one. Both are just fine. Both are over a year old. Both get used a lot.

I haven't decided yet if I'll actually stop using screen savers. If one of these things did get a big scratch on the screen I'd feel pretty bad about it. But so far it just hasn't happened and I'm wondering if maybe I should decide to stop using them.

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