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Originally Posted by Samage89 View Post
Without starting a new topic is the o2 worth it?

I know about Cowon usually releasing their players with hardly any firmware support/compatability but if you bypass that should i expect them to release some fixes to solve the problems?

I mainly want a PMP that can handle divx/xvid without converting it to a form the player can understand (if you understand my lingo, i mean i want more video codec support than my Zen).

As it stands i have a Creative Zen and the screen is a little small and i don't like the fact you have to load the SD card to play antthing on it, i just like to shuffle my playlists and be on my way.

Is their any other player that would suit me or should i wait and see?

I had the Zen, then went to the Zune V1, then V2 and now an O2....I'm quite happy with it, its played everything I've thrown at it and when Cowon decides to come up with better firmware, I believe I'll be even more happier with it.

Not everybody is happy with the O2 but as far as I'm concerned, I think I made the right choice. The audio capabilities, screen size, multiple formats, touch screen, I'm sure I'll be keeping this one for awhile.

You can wait for something better and I'm sure there will be.....but how long do you want to wait?
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