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Originally Posted by pencom View Post
I recently purchased a J3 and had EXACTLY the same problem with FLAC files not showing up.

The same FLAC files did show on another J3 so there was nothing wrong with the format.

I then found soneone else that had had the same problem, they renamed the *.FLAC to *.FLA and it worked fro them.
I tried the same thing and sure enough I could also see my FLA (FLA) musice along with albu art etc. They all played as you would ecpect :-)

No here is the weird part of it....
I later copied some FLAC files WITOUT renaming them and noticed that they DID show up enven with the .FLAC ext.!
I then renamed ALL the .FLA file to .FLAC and now my J3 can see ALL the FLAC files that it previously could not!.
This is really weird, but it now works 100% with.FLAC files.

I have just experienced the SAME FLAC problem with a totally different Brand of player (ColorFly C4) and the above renaming trick did NOT work and may not have been the answer to the original problem with the J3 either.....

I think the problem is/was connected with copying the files from a "NETWORK" drive?!.

I copied the files onto a LOCAL hard drive then copied them to the player and they showed up just fine!.
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