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Default J3 Playlists / Explain Please (Newbie)

This thread is simple or extremely complicated, I'm not sure due to lack of information on the subject.

I know that the J3 has a "favorites" list that allows you to create a playlist on the go;
1.) What I'd like to know is how easy is it to create that playlist? (I realize this is subjective, but feel free to respond however you feel about it.)
A.) Does this playlist stay together if you turn off the player?
B.) Can you save this playlist? (doubtfully because that means it'd have a playlist on the go feature)
1.) If yes, can I create multiple playlists or only just one with the favorites feature?
2.) Every keeps talking about the J3 supporting playlists that you just can't edit on the device itself. Is this true?
A.) How many songs can be in this "unchangeable" playlist?
B.) Can this playlist be shuffled?
C.) How many playlists can I have?
D.) Can I combine multiple playlists on the go? (ex. - I have 2 bands and they both have a playlist titled "Best Songs" and I want to combine both)
1.) If yes, is this done with the favorites list?
3.) Bonus question about the J3. Are the tags "Genre, Mood, Tempo, BPM" moved over to the J3 device? If yes, can I search by those tags (on the J3 device) to find the music I want?

Thanks in advance, hope I was clear enough, if not please tell me what information you need and I'll provide it. Keep in mind I've never owned an Mp3, DAP, PMP, ect... in my life I'm just trying to make the most educated purchase I can, so when I hold the device in my hands, I wont be in for any surprises.
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