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Default Clip+ memory reading problems and radio noise increases

Hi everyone,

I have a Sansa Clip+ 4GB, a replacement for my earlier one which lost signal in one headphone channel and its clip.

- Problem 1:

When I boot it into Rockbox, it often doesn't seem to recognize the internal memory, as it doesn't find the .rockbox directory and does not find any other files, either. If I then plug in the USB cable it starts to charge, but when I unplug it again it results in a kernel panic.

When I take out the muSD card, the problem is fixed temporarily, even with the card back in, but after a while it picks up again.

In the same "problem phase", under the regular firmware it often can not read the muSD card. When I unplug it after charging, it freezes for a while, before showing the menus or the "media library updating" status bar. A while ago, it also used to freeze for quite a while reading from the muSD card, although not failing completely (so that playback might start after a while, but be interrupted shortly after).

- Problem 2:

When I listen to the radio, the noise increases with time, so the sound goes from crystal clear to unintelligible over the course of half an hour or so. When I retune the radio when it is noisy, that is tune away and then back to the original frequency, I'm back at the beginning with clear sound.

What's the matter? As I listen to the player to fall asleep, it has been uncharged a few times, and also lain on in a sweaty bed.

Kind regards,

Edit: Combined both questions into a single post.

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