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Old 12-24-2008, 03:48 AM
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Default Why is everyone so disappointed with the S9 Curve?

Cowon S9's probably the most anticipated DAP of the decade. In the past six months, hordes of anxious fanboys flooded this message board with intense speculation, yelling in pain every time the device got delayed a month or two. Yet now, after the S9 has finally come out, I see this forum littered with (groundless) expressions of disappointment written by the same exact fanboys.

I fail to understand why. According to every credible review I've read, the Cowon S9 Curve delivers.

It has awesome sound quality, a stunning screen, good UI, massive battery life and quality design. Its few flaws (jerky coverflow, somewhat laggy accelerometer) are firmware issues that may very well get fixed in the future. Apparently this is not enough to the bemoaning ex-fanboys, though.

Now, I'm not a blind Cowon zealot. I'm just fed up with people jumping ship simply because they've read an arrogant two paragraph "review" at cnet. If the S9 is a disappointment to you, then what isn't? Were you perhaps expecting it to come with what - a free ticket to heaven? Well, I can tell you that the P3 won't come with one either.

Again, I don't endorse Cowon in any way. The upcoming Samsung and Sony players may turn out to be better players, but then again they may not. I'm simply asking people to cool their boots and give the Cowon S9 the chance it thoroughly deserves.
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