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Default Gapless: What is wrong with cowon?

How can a mp3 player company that is striving for success not produce gapless plackback? Why doesn't the s9 have gapless playback? I'm getting very sick and tired of this. Do you know how many gapless albums I have?
Please everyone let's urge cowon to get gapless playback (at least for mp3).

Which one is the reason for no gapless playback in s9 (I don't know how to make a poll)?

1. It's too complicated and cowon doesn't know how to do it perfectly.

2. They don't like it.

If 1. is the case then they can just look at the source code of Rockbox to see how it is implimented (or just ask the developers of Rockbox or foobar).

2. should never be the case since gapless playback doesn't take anything away. Even if it did then just offer an option to turn it off.

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