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Hi, Im new here and also having problems with my playlists.
I started with my cowon with synchronising some of the playlists I have on Media Monkey. It worked, even if only the first time. Changes made in Media Monkey were not synchronised to the S9: I had to delete the playlists and the albums on the cowon before re-sync. That was not very nice but I could live with this, since I am not changing my playlists every week.
However, 5 days ago, all my playlists disappeared from the S9. I am not aware that I changed something in the configuration of the S9 for the last 3 weeks so I was a bit surprised.
Since I did not want to delete and re-sync about 3 GB of listed music sorted in a lot of folders, I tried ekb606s way. It looked like a good way to do it. But, I am sorry to say, I does not work for me (I did try MSC and MTP and filing the playlists under playlist as well as root... no way). Thanks anyway.
I also tried Winamp: I get a maximum of 5 songs or an empty playlist!
I finally found something on the cowon america forum
It is not too confortable, but it works for me and it is quite easy to use with windows explorer. Maybe it can be of some help to somebody else. Lets see if the playlists stay there this time!!
If somebody finds THE solution, please post it !!
I cannot understand why cowon is so blatantly ignoring this playlist issue. This is ridiculous: nearly every 30 $ player can do better than that.

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