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Default is there even another competitor?

I am kind of wondering if the Cowon o2 is in a class all by itself. I tried looking around and seeing if there was even another player in the same class as the Cowon. I cant think of a single player. All of the usual suspects either have something added that bring it out of class, or dont compare at all.

The Archos 5 is one that can be argued, but with the built in wi fi(which I hear is pretty useless) puts it technically above the o29along with price). It uses hdd versus flash memory. It cant hold a candle sq wise. The battery life is dismal compared to the o2.

The ipod touch is in a different realm with the wifi and apps. It is flash based, but no expandable memory. There is talk about a 64 gb coming soon, but Im sure price will be astronomical. Dont forget SQ! The screen is not nearly as big, being almost a full inch smaller. And the price too is way beyond o2.

The s9? Iriver? Anything? It just seems there arent any real competitors out there for the o2. The other products just seem like they have a couple of options thrown in(hence the price difference), or they cant compete based on the size of the player. So I was wondering, is it good to be either the best at what it does that nobody(I can think of) comes close? Or that its the only dog on the field?
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