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Default Logitech mm28 or Fiio S3?

I read the review of the S3, and it seems like an amazing little speaker, yet Andreas said that the Logitech mm28 beat it... i own a cowon s9 and i'm looking for portable speakers for it. i wouldn't be using the speakers all the time, but i would use them quite a bit, and after looking up some reviews of the mm28, i need help.

i tried to order the fiios ps1110 from mp4nation, but i didn't receive my product, and after a month i asked why, because my order still said processing (after a month?!) and they said it was back-ordered, why i wasn't told, i don't know. so i asked them for a refund after two months, with still no speaker. and i got it, so now im looking at these two instead. (fiios s3 and logitech mm28)

which one has better sq? which one can reach higher volumes? which one can maintain good sq at higher volumes...?

*note*- this is a repost from the speaker sub-forum because no one has replied there, and i know more people view the cowon s9 sub-forum, and i'm more likely to get an answer here.
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