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Old 12-03-2012, 04:54 PM
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Default [Tutorial] YP-Q1 - Mods + USB-Boot tool + board images

Samsung YP-Q1 Mods thread
LAST UPDATE: 20121205

Unbrick guide:
* Read all step before start the process.
* Download the tcctool from the "Links" section below.
* If you are using windows download also the driver package.
* Download the Q1 firmware.
* Create "tcctool" directory in ~ for Linux or in c:\ for Windows.
* Extract all files in ~/tcctool or c:\tcctool.
* Connect YP-Q1 to PC, and wait until is powered on.
* Put Q1 in USB-Boot mode (read "USB-Boot mode" section below)
* Now:
- - - If you are using Linux check if a TCC870X device is connected with "lsusb" in console.
- - - If you are using windows you have to install drivers and check in device manager if the player is correctly recognized as a TCC7801 (or similar) CPU.
* Open terminal/cmd as superuser/administrator.
* Move inside tcctool directory.
* Run:
- - - If you are using Linux_i386 ./tcctool86 -d ypq1 Q1.ROM
- - - If you are using Linux_AMD64 ./tcctool64 -d ypq1 Q1.ROM
- - - If you are using windows tcctool.exe -d ypq1 Q1.ROM
* Wait for player reboot.
* Player will now be recognized as USM "USB Mass Storage".
* Copy the Q1.RSC file inside the player root.
* Unmount from pc (safely remove for windows).
* Disconnect, wait a few seconds and power on the player manually.
* During update process player will probably shutdown automatically. Don't worry, simply power on it again.

WW -> KR Firmware conversion:
You have to use the Unbrick guide and flash the KR ROM.
Here the KR download page

Alternative firmwares:
Not available yet.

Rockbox port:
Possible, but not available yet.

USB-Boot mode:
Connect YP-Q1 to PC, safely remove it, press and hold "Power" button while pressing "Reset" (on the back side). Wait more or less 5-10. Now release "Reset" and then release "Power".
A new device will be recognized. In Windows a "new unknown device" will appear (you'll need drivers), in Linux you'll see something like that in lsusb:
Bus 001 Device 013: ID 140e:b011 Telechips, Inc. TCC780X-based player (USB Boot mode)

TCC tool links:
Linux (i386 only):
Linux (AMD64 only):
Windows (AMD64 only *): Coming soon...
All-in-one pack (x86, AMD64): Coming soon...
Telechips Windows drivers (x86, AMD64) :

* Other architectures will be soon available.

CPU: Telechips TCC7801
RAM: Samsung K4M5632-3PG HG75
NAND: Samsung K9HCG08-U1M PCB0
DAC: Wolfson WM1808G
BATTERY: Generic Li-Ion 3.7V 620mA

Internal/Board IMGs:

IMPORTANT: All users who want to help are welcome!

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