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Default EmoDio Alternatives, Playlists, & Shuffle

So I have a Samsung Q2 16 Gb. I like it and all that, but managing my music on it is painful. Is there anything out there that will work better than EmoDio or Windows Media Player? I had read on another forum that Winamp works well. I tried Winamp, but it would not pick up the mp3 player when I plugged it in. I like to use the media player/manager so it loads the album info with the songs, otherwise I would just drag and drop.
What is up with playlists? Is there no way to add to one without over-writing all of the songs on the playlist? Maybe it's just EmoDio, but here's how it goes: I add songs to my playlist, remove other songs from my playlist, then over-write all of the songs on the playlist, but then the only songs that appear on the playlist when viewed from the mp3 player are the ones I intended to remove. After rebooting the computer and mp3 player, and re-sending (overwriting again) it finally works. I can't just add five songs to a playlist?
How does the shuffle work? I feel like I am listening to a classic rock station on "two for tuesday". It will play a song from an artist/group, and then play another random song, and then go back and play a song from the same group that it played from one song ago. Sometimes it will play the same song twice in a thirty minute interval. Most of the time it will not play a whole albums worth of songs for 15-20 hours but it will play another song more than once? Is there a way to give it some "rules" to go by so I can get more of a random mix?
Anything anybody could share about this stuff would be great! Using this EmoDio program is like a slow and painful death.
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