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Hello kralw69. Good to see you own this player as well.

Regarding the playlist question -

I also use WMP12. I drag n' drop a playlist to the player it copies the files but doesn't copy the playlist!

I manually copy the playlist through windows explorer it picks it up but shows the playlist as empty!

It's just a firmware bug or player bug IMO. Can't do nothing but wait.

Other option would be too make playlists on the player itself.

I'm tinkering with the options...I will let you know off my finds. There's a thread regarding this playlist by another user as well so your not the only one having this playlist problem.

Regarding your 1st question - Your best bet would be to convert the files to MP3 or FLAC.

WMP12 won't convert your files to FLAC. It could convert them too WMA, I haven't used WMA Lossless that much.

You can try Winamp for converting WMA Lossless to FLAC. It's pretty neat but use it for only Audio nothing else. It's pretty crappy for video.

OR try another aftermarket sound format conversion software.
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