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IIRC, iAudio and iRiver used the "i" thingie before the iPod already... Cowon dropped it for their video players already... the A2 and D2 are marketed as "Cowon", not "iAudio". I wouldn't mind if they did the same for their audio players.
yeah, i'm aware of the weird history of the "i" prefix, but i am somewhat amazed that cowon would continue to use it when they're trying to break into the market. maybe there's a cultural divide, but at least in terms of american marketing, it seems a bit crazy to try and blend into the ipod jetstream (which also means calling schenanigans on sandisk's design choice, since it looks a little too nano-y without the extra smooth design form)

oddly enough, i think the "isheep" campaign was a good hook (dunno if that existed in europe or not) but it was discontinued a little early and probably didn't get the kind of reaction they were looking for. but for a corporate "viral" campaign it's one for the textbooks, and was probably the right track for major cities where fashion and social trends are so heavily intertwined.

It's a Li-Ion battery, it's better to recharge often and not letting it run dry completely.
that is very good to know - definitely don't think the instructions are as solid as they could be (i.e. that should be in the ATTENTION USER bullet points at the beginning of the manual, rather than re-selling someone on the features list. it's a very personable hook.)

thanks again!
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