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Default sibilance free IEM

the sibilance that i hear with my earphones is really putting me off playing any music whatsoever.
i only have cheap creative earphones at the moment. i had a pair of 630s and i'm sure i never noticed any sibilance, and i was very happy with them, however they died.
next i got some 830s and thats when i started to noticed everything.
i've just bought some new 630s but the sibilance is still there.

it makes me wonder if it was always there and somehow i didn't notice? now however its difficult simply not to listen out for it.

so i'm after some new earphones that may be sibilant free. is there such a thing?
i have a clip+ and i'm willing to pay between $100-$150 for some new 'phones.
i like to hear the bass.

suggestions of any good IEM in that price range would be very appreciated, thanks.

ps. i've been reading some good reviews of various Etymotic earphones, would you recommend this brand?
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