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Old 06-07-2011, 12:45 AM
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Default Recommendations for earphones/IEMs similar in sound to Hippo vb's (<$100)

As I am sure you are all quite aware, Hippo VBs might just be dead.
So, as the title implies, I was hoping some of you nice people (preferably vb owners) might recommend a pair that performs similarly; however, I haven't ever heard VBs before, and of course, can't be sure that I would love them, so here is a basic idea of what I'm after:
Price Range: Probably no more than $100
Type/Design: IEM, or something comfortable to wear at home (I don't listen to dubstep when I jog )

Preferable SQ or Sound Signature: There will be bass. Not just quantity, but control, decent attack, and general quality (which I believe the VBs to posess?) of the low register, without sacrificing the integrity of the mids and highs. I need phones that can blast out the bass, but keep it metal, ya know?
Also, sibilance bothers me. I've been making do with some $20 open-box Klipsch Image S2s, and most metal is approaching un-listenable to me because of the ridiculously harsh cymbals and guitar highs. So, less sibilance than those, if any at all, is a must. (not actually asking for much, on that last part )

Media: Not only am I a definite basshead, but I am also a metalhead, ( I like symphonic, melodic, speed, thrash, etc.) making for a rather challenging set of needs. I also love dance/trance, as well as classical orchestral, classic guitar, spanish guitar etc. So I need something that won't screw up the highs... I also like Ronald Jenkees kinda stuff. In short, mostly instrumental music of all kinds. Vocals aren't too important to me.

Source: Primarily a Clip+, Secondarily a pc

THANK YOU for your read, if you feel that I have been unclear, or need anything else, please ask!
I am looking forward to any and all advice I can get on this subject.
Of course, you could just do the easy thing and offer to sell me your unwanted VBs in a pm...

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