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Old 07-31-2013, 10:40 AM
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Cool Third party music app problem fix (i.e. hiss in poweramp, neutron, etc)

I hardly ever post anything, anywhere, but.... I have been searching all around the net for a solution to this problem to no avail..... I'm running the latest firmware (4.39A) on my non-rooted z2. It seems that everyone is having different problems with third party apps on their z2. Some complaining that the volume isn't loud enough and some the other way around. I initially had a problem with the loudness, switched some settings (won't go through the details has to do with direct volume control, and other things I have read about on this and other forums).

My Problem:
There is still a problem (which I know other people have or have had, just haven't found the solution online). The stock music player sounds much more clear almost as if it is going through different hardware. And it's not just third party apps, but all other apps in general, excluding the video app and mic recording app (Im sure their is others this is just what I have observed). I'm using some pretty good custom IEMs (JH5 Pro) which makes it a lot more obvious. To hear the hiss all you have to do is go to the music player app, hear the hiss go away, then press home and hear the hiss come back. I have a solution, but it's really not ideal.....

My Solution (Looking for another!!):

I have to get the stock music player stuck trying to do something it can't (freeze it). I have found a way to do this every time. I first go to the stock app. I go to a lossless .ape file (I haven't tried on mp3 yet....) Press the alternate settings button (the one in the bottom left corner of screen that lets you go to the jet effect settings). Then I press the folder looking button in the middle and the app freezes. (have no idea what that button is supposed to do). I press home and wala! No more hiss! Now I can open any app and it uses the same hardware as the stock player.

Why My Solution Sucks:
I'm using Neutron in 64 bit enhanced mode.( It sounds really really really spectacular, I mean I thought the stock music app sounded good but this totally blows it out of the water....). You can see where this is going.... 64 bit mode uses more cpu to begin with and with the stock app frozen the players cpu is nearly always at 100% (checked with third party app)! This obviously drains the battery much quicker and makes the player much warmer ( I'd say it would go out in 8 hours fully charged but haven't tested it yet).

Other Things I've Tried:
1. I've tried the d3 third party music player fix with the mic app. When I turn on the mic app the sound goes clear like the stock app. then I press home and same hiss.
2. I've tried playing and pausing on the music app. Then pressing home and hiss comes back. ( I have tactile buttons on player disabled because if not third party apps get even more funky)
3. The hiss has gone away doing other things that I haven't been able to replicate.
4. Other things I can't remember that haven't worked....

Other Thoughts:

I am really liking this player! So I'm pretty sure I'm keeping it, unless someone can point me to a better sounding android device. This is my first android and or smart phone type of I'm new to apps and the like, however I have a lot of computer knowledge.I'm still deciding on whether or not I like neutron with the hiss better than the stock without the hiss. I keep alternating the best sounding solution with a less battery/cpu intensive sound. Sound quality is the most important thing to me, however neutron has a lot of things a high-fi sound guy like me likes. Like always showing the bit rate and the format of the the file being played. Also has things like creating playlists that weirdly Cowon decided to opt out of in stock player (?!). I don't want to root the device if I don't have to (I know I eventually will, it's just in my nature lol). I'm thinking maybe starting and playing a song in the stock app, then freezing it with an app (would need to root) might do the trick, but like I said I don't want to have to root. I hope this helps other people who have had this problem. If someone here has a better solution to this problem, please do tell!
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