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Old 06-15-2013, 01:40 PM
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Unhappy Cowon Z2 will not connect to Wi-Fi, "Error" notice's stubborness is out of control.

Before I begin, here's some information regarding the Z2. I don't know how much of it will help, but I want to do what I can

Android version 2.3.5

Firmware version 4.39 (Class A)

Kernel version

Build number

My Z2 has just not been connecting to the Wi-Fi. All my other devices work fine, including the router. In fact, all devices except for the Z2 acknowledge the other Wi-Fi networks available. I can only connect to my Galaxy S3 via Bluetooth, which is how I got the picture below:

If I could say there was a problem I had before this, it was that when my Z2 was connected to my computer, I stopped getting the notification for it and it would just open up the window for the Z2's drive when I tapped "Turn on USB Storage" on the device. My Winamp music program stopped recognizing it and wouldn't "discover" it until I had ejected the drive. A few times, actually, my Z2 would disconnect in the middle of syncing before Winamp stopped recognizing it entirely, which made transferring music files a little more tedious. When it did this, it wouldn't even let me eject it, and when it did, the Z2 would stay in USB Storage mode. I started to lose some files in my Poweramp app's file directory (and some new files wouldn't even be added instantly to the directory,) and so I'd have to add the folders manually to the app.

I figured I'd try the Winamp app to sync the music wirelessly, and that was when I came across this. I don't remember disabling the network from my Z2, and even if I did, I'd figure it'd still be listed as with other networks. So, given the problem with the device not being recognized by my computer suddenly and the new Wi-Fi issue, I figured I'd just turn it on and off a few times, see what happens, see if a firmware update would do the fix, and worst-case, just do a factory-reset.

Well, I turned the Z2 off and on so many times, I've updated the firmware to the most recent update (was using the Vx35 update prior. I would try installing an older firmware update, but I don't like the odds that are against me with luck.) I've done a factory reset quite a few times...literally everything possible that I could do with the Z2 with what little knowledge I have.

For a lot of other android devices, I've seen suggestions like dialing *#*#526#*#* to see if the Wi-Fi driver got corrupted, noting that there would be a notification afterwards, and despite pretty much knowing it wouldn't work, I gave it a shot using the VOIP app. The Wi-Fi would be a little more compliant to turn "on" (well, I don't even know what "on" is for the Z2 anymore,) but not much else. No notification, nada. As soon as I press the last * in the sequence, the VOIP clears the whole thing.

A few times the Wi-Fi has turned on, but it would immediately shut off after trying to "search for a Wi-Fi network;" instead of finding the router like my other devices, it just shuts the Wi-Fi off by itself. It shows no networks to choose from.

When it would allow me to click "Add Wi-Fi Network," it would just not save the information I put in for the SSID and password. On the drop-menu, it will have the Wi-Fi icon lit orange, but there is no actual connection, and the blasted icon never switches back to grey.

I've also reset the router quite a few times as well. Literally the only device that will not connect to the Wi-Fi is the Z2, and if it happened long before now, I never noticed (and wish I did.)

No fun. I would be totally indifferent to something like this any other time, but I can't even get to the Play Store to at least just re-download the apps for my Z2 that I paid for, and I cannot find anything that has helped me out so far for the Z2.

If anyone has any ideas, please, I'd appreciate it so much.

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