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Seeing as jelly bean is riding it to most devices and flash getting killed by Adobe, lots of browsers have been updated and tweaked to reflect the changes, so has my view of browsers. The top 5 have changed in other words. This still reflects the z2 of course.

5. Maxthon
Woah, how did this drop to the bottom from the top three. Seeing as no significant updates have happened to improve html5 performance and tweaks, it's still has crashes and chatbox scrolling like on the iaudiophile forum still don't work. I can only recommend it due to it being very similar to the new number one browser you'll know shortly.

4. Skyfire
Now this is even scarier as this was originally the number one browser, what happened? Adobe happened. With flash gone, I referred to using Skyfire's servers for video and it was a of and on problematic situation of working and not. I guess when people reverted to skyfire for their video needs due to flash no longer being supported, it has been overloading their servers. The browser still hadn't been updated in forever to adjust to html5 standards either, no scrollable chatboxs or other tweaks.

3. Firefox beta
Firefox is being improved so much daily that is quite impressive. HTML5 standards are constantly being improved on and tweaked, chatboxs are scrollable. Some add-ons are incompatible though and crashes/freezes still happen sometimes.

2. Dolphin (HD) beta
HTML5 is being pushed hard on in the beta with constant links to websites that allow you to see how they are doing. Impressive stuff and still is chatbox scrolling friendly with updates happening as often as Firefox. Crashes still portions to happening though.

1. UC Browser
This came out of nowhere...
Very unknown if Html5 portion of the browser is being worked on but wow this browser seems to know how to work as a real mobile browser. Zooming in or out has an auto adjust that I haven't seen in any other browser. Super smooth transition between frames on sites like ign and gamespot to name a few. Flicking between the last site you were on or the next site is something I just haven't experienced on any browser. Double Finger gestures are also new. Night mode is freaking awesome and appreciated by couples whose significant other will appreciate the dimmed/lights out mode that happens while you browse the web. Advanced user agent options or general options in general are great and very generous in fact. New opened tabs are very reminiscent of Opera browser and work well. Crashes and freezes nearly never happen and if they do you can close the browser entirely in your task manager and when you open it back up it will reload all your last tabs from before. Speed dial is also here, bookmarks tab and history are one tab and a very intuitive full screen mode may cause you to want to stay in it, only to exit it to change settings or go to a new site. Heck, it doesn't even care if you have flash or not, it tries to find ways to run your videos by running it through the website, external video player, or for the first time a REAL working download mode of large files ( COMPLETELY!!!) I could go on and on, this browser is awesome, you must try it. Give it a go for a while and you'll agree, the guys who made it must know what the user base wanted in a browser instead of what they think it should be. The UC Browser developers even want feedback badly by having a feedback button in the pop up menu. They update the browser every two to four weeks.
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