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I purchased one of these last weekend for my son as his IOPS-1gb has started to give him problems after two years of continuous use. Unfortunately, like the majority of the MP3 players being sold in North America, it is only MTP compatible. In its purchased form it is unable to play ogg files and un-unusable on anything other than an XP-SP2 machine with WMP10 - but I have heard it will with with WMP11. We managed to get the Tiawan firmware on it - see my link in the k5 section about 1.05 for the site - just change the model number to the yp-u2 - anything without the J in the name I believe it is version as this is the Janus/DRM/MTP only version, and make sure you are getting the version 1.355 - not 1.352 - this one doesn't have the radio. After installing the setup software on your windows machine, check out the help file for instructions as to how to get the U2 into setup mode
Win 98/2K/XP
YP-U2XW YP-U2 Firmware upgrade (ver.1.355)
Size : 4,141 KBytes 2006-11-13
< Installing the program for firmware upgrading >
1. Extract files from "ZIP"file.
2. Execute "setup.exe" and install the program.
3. Finishing the "uninstall" job and execute "setup.exe" to install the program.
4. Select "next" continuously for Installing the program

Now Install the firmware of YP-U2.
(Save the important data to the other storage before upgrading the YP-U2!!)
hope this helps - my son is now using his 1gb u2 as a usb device and it plays ogg and has the radio enabled.
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