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Smile Sansa e200 and Mac?

Ok, i realise that i'm going to get flamed for even considering this- but get over it .

incidentally this is my first post ^-^

Ok, quite frankly i'm a recentally converted Mac user. I also found the Sansa e270 Mp3 Player on the front of a catalogue, and thought "thats the mp3 player i want to replace my 3rd generation ipod".

Being someone who isn't deterred easily, i saw the warning signs all over the sandisk site, ebay, everything else i found on the sansa that said "Recommended Windows XP". Quite frankly- i don't buy it.

Now i want information before i actually commit to doing this to make sure i'm not undertaking more than i could handle;

- To upload files onto the sansa you can just dump the files on the drive, correct?

- What format do videos use (and res's fps if possible (not necessary but hey, it might be nice )?

- Can pictures just be uploaded by drag and drop on the drive?

- is there a windows application for firmware updates, or is it done on-drive or...?

- Is there anything i'm missing?

I realise alot of this is covered on the forums, and i have been through the forums, but i thought it'd be best to ask clearly, so i don't get an impression that could be incorrect.

Thanks in advance-


P.S: could we keep the anti-mac sentiment to a minimum? i'm here for information not a flamewar
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