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Question Resize & Rotate?

Okay, so I think I understand but want to make sure. I've been using a program called 'mac the ripper' to take a full DVD, and then 'Handbrake' to transform the Video_TS & Audio_TS files to something useable. I've been using .mp4 just cause I read that iPods needed it. Then I take that file, and chop it up into sections, then export those files and rag and drop. So far, seems okay.

However, I'm curious. If I rotate the movie will Sansa automatically know to play it longwise? If I resize it after I rotate it do I need to swap the size dimensions? i'm really new to video editing entirely and just getting a hang of using the Sansa on Mac.

Also, off topic, but has anyone had trouble charging the darn thing? It shows up just fine in MSC mode, but in both modes, the battery thing flashes as if it's charging for a few seconds and then it does nothing, and the battery just drains. I can charge it on a borrowed PC but even then it's taking a long time. Any one have a workaround for that?

Thanks so much in advance.
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