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Old 09-18-2013, 06:54 PM
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Default "System Checking" each time after R0 software is shut down and Rockbox starts


each time when the battery of my R0 gets empty, Rockbox won't start, and I have to plug in the charger, but then the original R0 software will start automatically. To switch back to Rockbox after charging, I have to shut down the Player by pressing the Power button for several seconds. But each time the device is booting afterwards, it does a "System Checking" for at least 2 minutes. It needs several shutdown/reboot cycles before the "System Checking" eventually is gone.

Is there any possibility to prevent the original R0 software from starting when the battery is empty and the charger has to be used to start the device? Or at least, is there any "safe" way to shutdown the R0 software and boot into Rockbox?


BTW (off-topic, continued from the other thread):

Originally Posted by stbi View Post
Originally Posted by lebellium View Post
Sandisk is probably the most famous brand and does pretty good job. They are generally not so expensive and reliable. I guess you were just unlucky, it's worth giving it a 2nd try. Of course pay attention to the many fakes on the market. It's sometimes better to pay a few more on than trying to get it as cheap as possible on ebay and in the end getting a fake card.
Transcend, Samsung and Kingston are also advisable brands for microSD cards.
The 32 GB Class 10 card which made problems in my LG phone after some weeks I had bought at Amazon. Another 16 GB card from SanDisk which costed twice as much is working in my phone for 2 years now without any problems. - OK, I think I will try the Transcend or Samsung card...
Unfortunately the 64 GB card from Transcend I bought at Amazon for 51 quit working after only 6 weeks in my rockboxed R0. I first noticed that Rockbox wasn't able to read certain MP3 folders. In Windows, several folders showed only weird characters. Freshly formatted, only 8 GB could be written before a device error error showed up. I created a support ticket at the Transcend website. This is the 2nd of 5 microSD cards with 16GB and above that made problems after a short time. Perhaps I better should have bought the Samsung card...
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