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Default What Will You Replace Your Galaxy Player With?

I own a Samsung Galaxy Player 5 (SGP5) and use it every day, with over 80 downloaded apps, all of which run flawlessly. The screen size has been a perfect compromise of readability versus portability. So, you can understand my reaction to the news in another thread that Samsung is discontinuing the product line. To see what Samsung would say to verify or deny this, I emailed Samsung USA Customer Support and they replied:

We appreciate you contacting Samsung Electronics and being a valued customer. We understand that you would like to know if the Galaxy Player product line is being discontinued. We are very sorry for this inconvenience, the line is being discontinued.

and regarding a possible replacement in the form of a smaller Galaxy Tab:

We appreciate you contacting Samsung Electronics and being a valued customer. We understand that you would like to know if there will ever be a smaller Galaxy tablet. Unfortunately, we do not have a smaller Galaxy tablet coming out in the near future.

Of course, I realize the Samsung may just not want to reveal future product plans, but the delay in any SGP replacement news for the US market probably means they are abandoning that niche. I noticed that Archos has also dropped small-screen Internet tablets. I have also seen reports and evidence that even the 7" size tablet may be disappearing in favor of the 8-inch or larger size.

My main use of the SGP5 is Internet browsing, checking emails and Facebook, watching downloaded and Internet videos, offline GPS navigation (CoPilot is great), grab-and-shoot pictures and using specialty apps related to my interests. I prefer to use my SGP5 as my portable Android device while relying on a basic cell phone as my mobile phone. That saves my $360 per year in mobile data access charges.

So, even though my SGP5 is working fine now, I don't have an easy replacement should it ever quit, or become obsolete as Gingerbread falls out of favor with app developers. I know that may be a year of two into the future, and the market could change a lot by then, but if it happens sooner rather than later, I will be very interested to see what everyone else comes up with as a SGP replacement. Perhaps a new or used Galaxy S3, or Note, or other large-screen smartphone? I have even thought of buying a spare SGP5 before they completely disappear from the market, but that would be spending $220 on a potentially obsolete device that I may never need and that $220 would be better kept on hand for the eventual replacement, whatever that ends up to be.

I will be very interested in your comments, plans, and actual experience, in replacing your SGP when the time comes to do so.
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