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Originally Posted by Ethan View Post
Just to share a little of my experience, I have a pq1 branded card sitting next to me. It basically fell apart. It feels like really thin cheap plastic compared to both the kingston, Sandisk or Adata cards. So far Id buy again any one of the cards Ive had over the years except the pq1.
thanks bro for that info

i stick to what i know from pc's. (Sandisk/Transcend/Kingston are quality) but i was tempted at the prices for pqi over at meritline countless times now. so glad i didnt bite on that one. i went ahead and got a 16g transcend class 6 through amazon ( 5 days to my door ) and it works great and holds a LOT of stuff ! i am not worried one bit about the file limit myself because one of the main reasons i got mine is for the xvid support. ive just now priced the 32g cards and i am not finding prices even less then $100. its more like $110 so for me its a no brainer here, ill stick to the $25-30 16g till the prices are more reasonable.
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