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ok, now either i figure this out over the weekend or i say "sod it" and buy a nano, or save a bit more and get an ipod classic, now id haaaate to do that, so-is anyone capable, (or even willing!) to take me through the process of decrpyting a dvd and converting it so it will go onto an iaudio d2 step by step because i have read and re-read the above posts and i still can't quite manage it. i think it might have something to do with the fact that when i download a file that isn't an image file it immediately gets opened with the useless word viewer application and i cant change it. so anyway, i managed to download the dvd decrypter for the ipod, i did that before christmas, then didnt get an ipod, so its just sitting there, being ignored, can i use that? if so-what do i do next?
thankyou for your seemingly unending patience!
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