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Default Got the Nexus 10

Finally got one of these to play with. Its a really impressive device, even compared to the Nexus 7. Some thoughts:

The new 'better then retina' display is absolutely amazing. Everything looks incredible. After using it for a couple hours and then trying to look at a normal monitor my eyes feel like they're burning. Regular PC text just looks so awful in comparison. I seriously do not want to go back. I think for reading and books, this is going to be about as good as displays are going to get.

The feel is pretty good. I like the texture, and the weight is about right. Its really thin.

Theres stereo speakeres. I don't know why more tablets don't do this, but its much nicer for movies than the N7 because the audio has some dimension to it. Even ignoring the display, I strongly prefer it for movies/TV over the N7.

UI performance is amazing. 4.2+the new Cortex A15 series feels great. The flash controller is a LOT faster than any other Android device I've used. Apps launch way faster than the N7 and the UI doesn't flinch if you have file transfers or downloads going while using it. This really annoyed me on the N7. As soon as you started writing to the flash, UI performance just died due to the crappy flash controller.

Battery life seems a little worse than the N7, but I haven't run it down yet. I guess moving towards a desktop class processor means you get a little closer to laptop battery life than lower power A9s.

Overall, I'd say if you want a 10" tablet, this is the device to get. Only argument I can see for the iPad is the better selection of games and (I suspect a least) a little better battery life. If you consider 7" devices, I'm not sure. I like the size of the N7 a lot. The N10 feels large and I dislike not being able to shove it in my back pocket while walking.
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