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Default First Impression: Odd.

I needed a new mp3 player as all my old ones seem to be broken, thanks, I believe, to earbud manufacturers making their merchandise out-of-the-box compatible with Apple's headphone jack specs. (...which requires that non-Apple devices use a 2 1/2 inch long adapter, which in turn makes it very very easy to break the input jacks of these generally very cheaply-made devices.)

All I could find in the stores here were Clip Sports, and I was pretty much compelled to buy one. Although I was reasonably satisfied with my 2 previous Clip Pluses except for the battery life (and the software which very stupidly did not support automatic folder advance) the idea of battery life of up to 25 hours does rectify a very serious shortcoming of the Clip+. Nonetheless, if I could have bought a Clip+ I would have. Because that's the devil I know.

This Clip Sport is huge. This is not an advantage.

When I connected the Clip Sport to my Windows XP machine, and looked at the files on it, there was a Podcast folder with some stuff that didn't interest me at all, and a Music folder. The Music folder had perhaps a dozen files with unintelligible names, one of which was 250mbs (none of which would play on any Windows media player) along with a subfolder that Windows could not open.

I could not find anything about this on official forums, and so I simply formatted the device. It's now taking its initial charge - something that the instruction sheet tells me might take up to 3 hours.

Then, we'll see...

Edit: I have just read Bruce Banner's review which lead me to a page about making playlists in Windows Media Player at which states "The Clip Sport only supports M3U playlists and they must be stored in the same directory as the files in the playlist." (EDIT: THIS IS NOT STRICTLY TRUE! The Clip Sport will play files in the same folder OR a subfolder relative to where the playlist is located. It is possible that the files referenced by the m3u only need to be on the same drive. I have not tested this yet, though.)

IF this is correct and if this is not fixed in an firmware update that will be made available in the next several days, then I don't even have a choice - the Clip Sport must be returned. I have all my music in arranged in folder hierarchies of more or less complexity, and to now have to make new playlists for all of them - and one playlist per folder! - is completely unacceptable. (EDIT: Luckily it's not correct.)

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