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What firmware version are you using?

1952 files is close to the official limit (2000 files). It should not be a problem as it's still under the limit but well, that could be a reason. There is so much wrong with this device, I wouldn't be surprised.

Sandisk released a beta firmware 1.28 which can support up to 4000 files instead:

For some reasons they deleted the thread in the SanDisk forums and didn't integrate this 'improvement' in the next firmware 1.29.
As far as I know there wasn't any big issue with fw 1.28 though...

Maybe it's worth a try.

It's also good to know that only up to 32GB microSDHC cards are supported. 64GB and more SDXC cards reformated in FAT32 are not officially supported although they usually work with most mp3 players.
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