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Default Creative Zen Micro Photo vs iPod Nano 2nd Gen

I have a Zen MicroPhoto, and I'm wonderin if I should sell it and get a black 8 gb ipod nano.
The Zen
-Can use basically any program to upload music
- Make and SAVE playlists on the go
- Strong, I've droped it many times and it still works
- Lots of options with music and such..
-Custom EQ
- Can crash (happened to me once and I had to reformat it)
- Too many errors/glitches
- Can't really see the screen in sunlight
- Controls can be a bit fiddley

Ipod nano
- Ease of use
- Looks very nice, small, nice screen.
- Basically no glitches and errors and such. It's a good solid MP3 Player
- 24 hour battery life
- Can only use iTunes (yes I know you can use mediamonkey and theres a hack/program so you can use WMP, but still, you have to do extra stuff to get those)
- Can't save playlists on the go
- No Custom EQ

I dunno, I'm so use to my Zen, and I kinda find it fun being one of the few that doesn't own an iPod... but iPod looks really nice, and its just so easy to use, the Zen can get really fiddley at times and unresponsive..
I hate how you can only use iTunes, cos I really hate iTunes. And yes I actualyl like WMP, not for listening to music but since I download podcasts and such, it automatically adds the songs to the library and no matter where I move that song to, like into a diff folder or w/e, it will find it immediatley.
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