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For music the Archos 404 would be a very bad choice... it's a video player, not an audio player. You wouldn't have a use for the huge screen, except that it drains the battery much faster than a smaller screen. The audio quality of the new x04 series isn't as good as the former AV500/700. Battery life is also on the weaker side. And navigation is difficult.

The iRiver H10 is MTP only, so no drag'n'dropping music on any computer.

The X5 is the best choice. It's the best sounding of all three, supports the most codecs and has the best audio enhancements (BBE). Of course it's UMS/MSC compatible, so it'll work on any computer and OS. Not to mention it fully supports Rockbox. And the X5L blows any other HDD player away with its ~35 hours of audio playback.

The X5 reads ID3 tags and displays them on the screen, but it doesn't sort the music by ID3 (thank god, IMO) - so you can use the same folder structure like you use on your computer to sort the music.
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