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Thumbs up Cowon iAudio 9+ UI Themes and more...

I posted this on a previous iAudio 9 thread but I think is good to have a fresh start for the new version... iAudio 9+....

I'm adding my last post (modified here) from that thread so we all (iAudio 9+ users) can be on the same page....


FIRST: I didn't have any problems using this but just in case, I'm not responsible for whatever happens to your device....

Intro: If you don't know what this files are for: they basically change the way the iAudio 9+ UI (User Interface) looks like (in some parts, like the music screen, and main menus).

How to use it:

-First Unzip the 3 files from (music.swf, mainmenu1.swf, mainmenu2.swf)
-Connect the iAudio 9+ to your computer
-Copy the files to this folder in your iAudio 9+: \System\Flash UI
-Disconnect it from the computer and turn it on.

If you want to revert the changes simply connect the iAudio 9+ again to your computer and delete the files you just added to that folder (\System\Flash UI) DO NOT delete that folder (or any other folder) just the files we are talking about here.

This is very simple but again... do this at your own risk.


I did some more changes to music.swf and mainmenu 1 and 2.

I tested this myself.

...This is all my work now, I've learned a few things here and there, I would appreciate your "rating" (if you like them of course)

Changes in music.swf:
-Changed progress bar to green.
-<AB> loop shows red in the progress bar.
-Track name (in yellow) with Icon all the way to the left.
-Album name (in blue) with Icon all the way to the left.
-Band name (in light blue) with Icon all the way to the left.
-When Pause is pressed it shows the Pause Icon instead of those little Eq. bars which don't really mean anything. (on top, next to the clock).
-The menu that pops up when you long press Play, shows a blue selection icon (instead of the Ugly Orange one) I couldn't manage to change that on the rest of the menus, it seems to be a different .swf (I think we're stuck there).
-Removed track numbers counter (That's nice to have in a bigger screen, not here).

Changes in Mainmenu1.swf:
-Blue grainy background instead of plain white.
-Selection names (Music, Videos, etc) in yellow.

Changes in Mainmenu2.swf:
-Blue grainy background instead of plain white. (Remember you still can put your own background here)
-Moved AM/PM next to the hour (and bigger)

I want to change a few more things but I don't know when I'll do it, could be tomorrow or in a month, I'll get back when I do it.

Enjoy, Comments or suggestions are welcome...
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