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Yeah, both Cowon and Meizu players have great sound quality and file/folder navigation.

The only problem I have with the folder navigation on the Meizu M6 is the somewhat awkward interface. If you want to go up one level in the tree, you press the "M" key -- just fine. However, if you want to go down one level, you have to press the "ENTER" key. A menu will pop up, with options to open the folder, add the contents of the current folder to the playlist or play the contents, and you'll have press the "ENTER" key again. That is, if you want to go down one level you have to press the "ENTER" key twice.

It would be much easier if the ">>" key went one level down in the folder structure and the "<<" key went one level up (currently, they work as "Page Down" and "Page Up" keys). The play button could start playing the contents from the folder, and the "ENTER" key could add the contents to the playlist. Not a huge hassle, IMHO, but I think the current assignment of the keys for navigation is a bit nonsensical on the M6.
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