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Default The ZoClip (clipless)

Minimalist, efficient, tiny, functional, superb sounding. I just built the ideal portable audio system. (For my taste, at least.)


One Sansa Clip+ (Clip and Clipzip will do too) +Bonus points if you add a MicroSDHC memory card.
One digiZoid ZO2.3 personal subwoofer.
A pair of Shure SE210 (Short cable is so nice!)
Two headphone jacks.
Some headphone wires.
One Scotch sticky tab.

Soldering iron
Desoldering braid
Wet sponge to clean the iron tip
Quick setting epoxy gel (non dripping)
Bottle cap (used to mix the epoxy)
Multimeter (to make sure the contacts are good and that there's no shorts)
A file (not pictured)

Break-off the clip of your Clip (Yes, that's a Clip without a clip we want. No need for that space wasting clip if you often wear shirts with chest pockets)
File the back of the Clip to make it smooth.
Use the Scotch sticky pad to join the Clip and the ZO2 together.
The Clip is slightly offset to the left in relation to the ZO2 by design. This way, the jack and the interconnect wire are not protruding.
(See pictures below for more details).

Build the low profile interconnect: Solder the wires to the jacks. Wire length should be just long enough to allow installation and removal without stressing the components. Use non-dripping, quick setting epoxy to seal the end of the jacks. Use the multimeter to check the conductivity (Ohms) and insulation (MegOhms). Link the Clip and the ZO2 with the interconnect.
Learn more here:

Now, add the Shure SE210 to make a lean and mean musical contraption!
Sadly, the SE210 is discontinued, it's been replaced by the SE215. I like the SE210 because the cable is very short: perfect length if you put your player in a chest pocket. Any longer ant it's cumbersome (anyway, an extension was included). The SE215 is equipped with a regular length cable, much too long for my needs.

I've never seen these earphones reviewed here, but they shure sound good to me. Bass was quite good with some EQ tweaks, but now, with the ZO2, bass is plenty and superb sounding, without any EQ tweaking on the Clip.
The main disadvantage of my Shure (and from what I read, this is common to all Shure IEMs) is a lot of hissing when using some sources. On my Clip+, they are perfectly quiet, but on my computer, there is a lot of hiss, and, (it's no joke!) I can hear my mouse pointer moving across the screen!

Added bonus: The Sansa Clip+ is a great music player (possibly the best cost/value ratio ever), even more so if it is Rockboxed, but it is tiny. It's an advantage, but it's also a slight disadvantage if you have big hands like me. Browsing through the huge Rockbox interface is a little bit of a hassle when using just one hand, but with the ZO2 joined, there is enough gripping area to make it much more easy to use!

The whole thing can safely be stored in the nice case that came with my Shure earphones:

For comparison, here's what it looks like with a regular interconnect: Yuck!
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