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Default Player not booting....Rockbox...


I have a Sandisk Sansa e280R - Rhapsody. I installed Rockbox on it, but I don't think It worked, but the menus worked very slowly, and I decided that I didn't want it. I never had the dual-boot option that people talked about - when I turned it on, it booted to Rockbox. The only way to get it to boot into the original firmware was to plug it in to my computer, wait for it to refresh the database, then unplug it. I think it has been in Play-for-sure mode the whole time, but I am not sure. Anyway, I when I decided I didn't want Rockbox, I got the Rockbox uninstaller. It couldn't recognize my player on Windows to uninstall Rockbox. I could see the player in Windows Explorer (XP) and drag and drop files to and from the device like normal, but the uninstaller from Rockbox (the Rockbox Uitlity) did not recognize it, even when I showed it the drive letter and everything. So I decided to take all the Rockbox files off of the device. I took all the recently modified folders basically all the rockbox stuff and probably some other stuff, and moved (cut) it onto folder on my desktop. I thought that if it didn't work, I had a backup and could just put the files back on. But now, XP won't recognize the device when I plug it in. It only recognizes it in Recovery (MSD) mode. It doesn't recognize the device because it won't boot. When I turn it on, it says

"Load main miage failed
Switch to Recovery mode"

I dual-boot Windows XP and Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy. Both OSs recognized the device after I installed Rockbox, but not after I deleted those files and folders. Now they only see it on 16MB FORMAT (Recovery) mode. I have put the pp5022.mi4 file on it, it doesn't work. I have put sansa.fmt on it as well, and both at the same time. I have also removed the battery and put it back in. What can I do????

Thank you so much for your help.
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