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Today, on the 12th of December, I announce that I discontinue my work on my custom build. After a bit more than 1 year I decided to retire from custom building. A period of a more featured - at the cost of many and not so many instabilities - custom build stops.

The reasons are as follows mainly:

I can't afford the time it takes anymore, since sync'ing patches is a rather time consuming procedure, which isn't fun at all. Time that I simply don't have anymore, since I have started studying and focus more on doing stuff for SVN.

I'm not willing anymore to anymore to offer customized builds for a relatively small user group. That said, I rather focus on helping improving SVN, so that not only users of my build will take advantage of that, but the whole community.

Serving a small island in the big Rockbox world isn't my thing anymore.
I simply want the whole community to take benefit from my contributions.

I also bought a Fuze, with both eyes focused Rockbox on it, which is great fun and very interesting. I learn so much doing this. Thus I'm not able to keep this build up, while helping to port Rockbox to a new player. And once it's ported, I won't be able to offer a custom build for either players (and especially not both).

Also, my goals have changed. Instead of doing a special build for me and you to please us, I rather spend my free time on help improve the whole project. Rockbox is a great project, so my aim is to contribute to that project, and not doing forked work which doesn't help the project as a whole at all. My build is simply not helping Rockbox, it even works against it, not just by splitting the user base.

SVN has advanced so much recently (many plugins have been committed, bmp resize committed and more), the need (at least for me) for a customized build vastly decreased. In my opinion it's not worth it anymore to waste time on a custom build anymore if the SVN does as fine and that much more reliable.

Anyway, I hope you have enjoyed my build. And I hope you may follow me and contribute to the SVN, for example by posting bug reports and helping to translate. You can be sure that contributing to SVN (and not using a custom build) is the right way to keep the project alive, healthy, and improving.

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