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Originally Posted by epithetless View Post
Tongue-in-cheek, or just ignorant? People like it so much for the features. Which is what Rockbox is all about; maximizing the hardware to greatly expand a given player's feature-set. A skinnable GUI is only a shred of the capabilities Rockbox opens up. In addition to gapless playback, robust on-the-fly playlisting is another major feature Rockbox brings to the table (and one I don't expect Sansa to explore anytime soon, if ever).

I personally find some of the Rockbox themes quite attractive...and I'd venture to say the stock Sansa GUI is perhaps the ugliest and most "unprofessional" looking of any player in the Fuze's market segment.
Thank you!!! Exactly what I try to explain every day. Rockbox looks good, and things like Pictureflow look great too. Thanks for the replies also.
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