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Smile Yes, you can charge the C200/240 with Rockbox installed

Originally Posted by microwiz View Post
I haven't tried the photo or video functions yet - the screen is kind of silly and small for that IMHO - and I'm also wondering, did I actually see this player charging in Rockbox when connected to a USB cable and wall adapter?
I have a home/wall/AC charger for the C240, with the latest update/upgrade of Rockbox on it. I have successfully charged the unit using both the USB-computer cable, and the wall charger, using the following procedure. If Rockbox is active on the unit, turn the unit off. (You can't charge the unit while it's running in the Rockbox OS.) With the unit turned off, plug in the charger (either one), and the Rockbox startup screen will flash, then disappear. The unit's display will then revert to the built-in Sansa OS screen and charging will proceed. If you use the wall charger (not the USB), you can listen to your MP3s/WMAs while the unit is in native (Sansa) mode and charging at the same time. If you plug either type charger in while Rockbox is active, it will look like it's charging, but it won't, even though all other Rockbox functions will work. Also, just today I have watched videos, using the free WinFF (, following the instructions in the well-done guide at . Although the picture is really small, you can still enjoy a video on the C200/240 unit, something I didn't think was possible until today. But then I didn't think Rockbox was possible until just a week ago. HTH Frank D
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