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Default My experience how to Keep X7 running

I am a Mac user. I prefer the sound quality of the X7 over iPod, so I tried to overcome some issues I had with X7. Here I share it with you.
I found some tweaks and workarounds to keep my X7 usable but
some tips might be harmful to your X7.
Please remember "this is just a report of what worked for me, there is no guarantee it will work for you".
1- OSX and Firmware: My X7 firmware is 2.09, I always eject HDD drive first then the Flash Drive . so-far, I had no problem with X7 having Apple OSX lion and Mountain Lion.
2- How to convert : "Kigo Video Converter" is a fine freeware on OSX, that converts most video formats to playable files with good quality. There is no hassle, the software settings are pre-configured for many devices, but Cowon X7!.
I've used the settings below successfully.
*I use the pre-configured setting of the software for "Creative Zen Vision W Movie" to get reasonable quality/size .AVI format files.
*I use "Apple iPod Video MPEG-4 Movie" pre-configured settings to create smoothly playable .MP4 files, which also plays in IPOD classic.
(you may also fine tune the settings by changing this pre-configured .mp4 video settings from 320x240 to 480x270 by clicking on the iPod icon after selecting a file in Kigo)
("update": not working after total wipe of the system by the service centre, the clean installed firmware is 2.09, it plays H264.mp4 but XVID.avi not anymore.)
3- How to Unbrick : My X7 battery was dead twice. It was neither charging with its original charger nor the USB cable. I disconnected the device, and opened the case (note: guarantee was expired) then just did a short circuit of 2 wires -red & black- which connect the main board to the battery (from the board side). I used a metal pin and made the contact just for a second. I guess this shocked the battery.After that when I connected the charger again it worked fine. I have done this twice in the last two years and no-problems.
4-How to fix lost HDD drive : recently, I heard strange click sound from inside of the X7. Then I lost the X7 HDD drive on my PC. I experienced very long startup time and HDD inaccessibility problem, even from computer USB port. nothing worked until my friend Low-Formated the HDD with a HDD-tool on a windows 7 PC. (strangely windows 7 could find the HDD drive which OSX couldn't)
after that I formatted the drive and voila! no-more clicking sound. Unfortunately, soon I found corrupted files again. I took it to a cowon service co. and they found viruses on the flash drive partition. After total formatting and putting back the X7 new system files, it is all clean and seems to work OK for now.(I will report if the problem comes back)
5-How to improve the touch screen: for the LCD screen protection, I am using an Ipad2 matte screen protection which i cut to fit X7. it is much easier to slide my fingers on the screen and it protects the LCD from scratch.
6- Headset : the quality of the sound output of X7 is great but I had to buy better head sets than those included with the device. It is so good that I might even buy a new Cowon if it supports H264 format and it has a standard USB connector, HDMI output and an 1TB anti-shock HDD.

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