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Originally Posted by larrytxeast View Post

(1) I can't upload either AAC or Ogg Vorbis files to the device, I assume this is because the SanDisk firmware is used for uploading, correct?
Sounds like you've still got the player in MTP mode. Switch it to MSC and then you can upload anything.

Originally Posted by larrytxeast View Post
(2) In converting the WAV files to AAC, I noticed it gave the option for MPEG2 or MPEG4. I used MPEG2 and used the 128k average bitrate setting (not a numberic quality setting). Are those the appropriate settings to use?
MPEG2 and MPEG4 both contain AAC specifications, but that doesn't really say anything about the resulting file. What encoder and what settings did you feed it? Hopefully not FAAC . . .

Originally Posted by larrytxeast View Post
Do those settings seem proper?
Probably not, but this isn't a rockbox question. Go look on Hydrogenaudio or where ever if you really want to know about good encoder settings.

Originally Posted by larrytxeast View Post
I do hear some things about Rockbox having issues with AAC files at times, they recommend Ogg Vorbis or WMA (or MP3) instead. I had intended to use the AAC files on the e280 since the 128k files would be smaller than the 192k MP3 files, and maybe use the 96k Ogg Vorbis files on a Sansa Clip (with the firmware update) if I ever got one of those.
The main issue with AAC is poor battery life. I've committed the first improvements this week, with more to follow eventually. Assuming you pick an ok encoder, you shouldn't have too many other issues. iTunes is pretty safe in this regard.

I'd probably use Vorbis though. Rockbox support is much better and the decoder is already quite fast.
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