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For the sake of completeness, Step 8 above, for Windows XP, should be extended to read:
8) use "save playlist" to save the playlist to the Fuze (gray box bottom right side of the Winamp app in v5.21, using the Save List option), and save to the same subfolder on the Fuze, in the Music folder, that the files in the playlist just made are located.)

Now the reader doesn't have to trip around the internet to figure this out - it's important and should be included with the other 7 steps.

I admit these 8 steps are simple, and worked for me without a problem (even with the older version of winamp - I was familiar with winamp already though, which makes it easier). I had no trouble adding some other tracks to this playlist.

CD's I make tend to be from various artists. Now i can put this music on my Fuze and retain this grouping without messing with the tag information (giving all the tracks in a playlist the same Album Name creates the equivalent of a playlist but messes up the Album Name info, even though it might be a more direct approach to grouping song tracks together where the Album Name doesn't matter to the user).

Thank you VERY MUCH!
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