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Originally Posted by G-Man76 View Post
Well I guess what I was saying was that despite the fact that the Gen 8's are coming out soon they are still updating the firmware on the Gen7's. That said there is a fine line for companies to walk in continuing to update older models that you are no longer retailing and focusing on ensuring that the product they are retailing has the best firmware that you can provide.
"coming out soon" is the important bit. Your point is well taken about them not being able to provide updates forever. But when the first Zune came out, they provided updates for almost 3 years. Sandisk provided a couple of years of updates for the e200 series. There are probably many other examples, but my personal experience is limited.

The firmware on my 605's and my A5 IMT seem stable enough that they don't require any updates. But I DO think that an update to flash 10 should be provided for the A5 IMT someday, as they were still in the middle of their release period (before the gen 7) when the world changed to flash 10. I think this is owed to the gen 6 owners. I can fully understand anything older not getting an update to flash 10, though.
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