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Default Compact MP3 player OGG FLAC etc

I am looking at alternatives in finding a compact audio player.
I used to have a 40gb Iriver H340, and was extremely happy with it, can play all music formats, had 'press' button controls, and could hold a fair amount of music, especially as most was in OGG and FLAC format.
I changed to 'flash' memory player, i audio7, because its size and no-moving parts etc etc..... not too happy with 'touch' controls, and despite size, u need to use 2 hands for best use...... old iriver 3 times as big and could use easily in 1 hand.
I might be asking alot, but I want a player that has great sound reproduction, small in size (up to 16+GB) in memory, preferably press button controls, and 'ALL' types of format ie MP3, Flac, Ogg etc.....
Can anyone recommend some good options?????
PS I use a Mac, is there any players more suitable to them????

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