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Originally Posted by kazek View Post
I've had my creative zen v plus for a few weeks now and it's been giving me trouble. Almost everytime I leave it overnight to charge I find it off. And when I try turning it on the normal way (on button) it doesn't work so I hit the reset button and it works fine.

Now last night I left it to charge and this morning it was the same drama all over again but this time the player wont go on at all. The blue light just keeps blinking. I've tried holding down the on switch down and hitting the reset button but nothing works.

When leave it in connected to the pc long enough it does go on and shows the battery is red then goes off and on again. Just as it goes off, the battery low caution icon comes on for a split second. And the cycle continues

Is there some way I can reboot it and start afresh. I don't mind losing my files as long as it fixes this problem.
Basically this. It has happened before, and it actually just started working again after 2 days. So I will try leaving it alone for a while and seeing what happens, but is there an actual solution to this?

Additionally, when I plug the player in, the lights pulsate, but the computer does not recognise the device.

Edit: Saying that, I've just plugged it in again, it recognised it this time and says the battery is dead so I'll let it charge. Is this a known problem with leaving them charging for extended periods of time (I've had it for numerous years now, so no longer have any documentation that might advise me against it >.> )?

Double Edit: Looking up this thread a bit, it seems to be a fairly common problem. I doubt that many people have "hardware problems" (unless said problem is in-built).
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