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Old 03-01-2008, 03:58 AM
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Unhappy Message: One or more properties outside of device limits

C250, Win XP, USB mode. Began with 01.01.05P, then reverted to 01.01.00P per advice in other posts. Problem persists.

C250 shows as external storage device and I can create new folders and drag and drop audio files.

Have tried both MP3 and WMA files. When copying them I get a message "The file 'filename.wma' has one or more properties outside of device limits. If possible, use a media program that can convert the file before copying it. If you copy the file now, it will be stored on the device, but may not be presented in the device user interface. Do you wish to copy the file to the device anyway?"

The best I get is an "Unknown" album with a blank song in it. I can play this blank song (plays showing the song number assigned to it).

I have several programs that can convert from/to virtually any audio format desired, if only documentation or the device would suggest a preferred format. At least suggest which property is outside of device limits.


Oh great! I just messed with it a little more and it's even more confusing.

Created two new folders inside the Music folder: Music/Folder A/Folder B
similar to the way the pre-programmed songs are stored. Stored Song 1.mp3 in Folder B. Put another song, Song 2.wma, in one of the pre-programmed folders. So my device looks like

Music/Folder A/Folder B/Song 1
Music/Red Thread/Ship In The...Subway/Song 2

When browsing the Music from the C250, I see an Artist:Unknown, Album:Unknown, Song:blank, Song:Song 2. The blank song (Song 1) and Song 2 will both play.

Although Explorer shows Song 1 and Song 2 in different folders, the device makes them look as though they are both in the Unknown album.

I'm not at all interested in syncing the C250 with WMP. I'm working with hundreds of church sermons, not commercial music, and everything is currently in mp3 format.

It appears that the pre-loaded music is organized by
Music/Artist/Album/filename1,filename2,filename3 . . .

I would prefer to follow this pattern but substitute
Music/Month/SermonTitle/filename1,filename2,filename3 . . .

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