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I too had trouble with my first microSD card. In case anyone is wondering you have to push it in pretty deep (I use my fingernail), and you'll hear a click when you've gone far enough.

Anyone ever had an issue where you'll start a song, and almost every click of the volume buttons results in a "Refresh Database" screen (maybe other buttons too)? I think it only happens when I have a microSD card in the player.

As a side note I have read that the new (I guess - not yet for sale) microSDHC cards will have a capacity of 32GB, and if you have Rockbox (which so far only works on the c200 v1 series players)you can use them in a your player.

I LOVE ROCKBOX! (many useful features especially if you listen to alot of audiobooks, or wish you could listen to ALTERNATE audio formats including FLAC :))

<<EDIT>> i just read somewhere that installing Rockbox can void the warranty on some players. This wouldn't surprise me, and so I felt I had to mention it. <<EDIT>>

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