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Default A Guide to MPEG on Rockbox

Hey a new use here..I have successfully installed,uninstalled and some other things with my sansa and thought i will add my 25 cent advise

How to Make MPEGs for Ur Rockbox e200 series.
**Before i start, i have to tell you that i am working with a e250.

Now lets get started....

1.Install Super (Do not ask for the software .GOOGLE it...HINT= eright soft)

2.At the top left hand corner of the super software you will see something called "Select the output container"
Drop down the menu and select "mpg(MPEG l)"

3.At the "output Video Codec" Make sure it says MPEG-l
4.Output Audio codec = mp3
5.Videoscale = 240:192 (YES, IT WILL STILL PLAY..NO,IT DoesNOT look bad)
6.Aspect Ratio = 4:3
7.Frame/sec = upto 29.97 (30 = waste of space)
8.Bitrate Kbps = 1152 (lower = ur choice..Upper = do not excees 1440)
9.Play around with options if u want to or leave it alone
10.sampling frequency = 44100
11.channels= 2
12.Bitrate = 128

Now drag and drop the file u want to convert into the space (the one that says active l Filename l streamlink)

Now right click and go to "specify output folder and make sure it is sumwhere u could get into later on"

Now after it is done Copy the file from output folder and put it into ur sansa video section and Viola U have Mpeg video with no sound skipping or video lagging....

Please PM me, if u have anyquestions.....

Desirascal Out

PS: A Noob QUestion..How do u put photos in rockbox??? (hehe)
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